Data mining applications and errors
Advances in technology have made it cheaper to gather and store large amounts of data at a relative low cost, and it is often mined to shortlist a few companies or individuals. Applications, uses of data mining:
Financial sector
security agencies
intelligence agencies
For talent and technology acquisition
Educational sector
Government agencies for development
Poverty allevation
Medical, biomedical trends and research
Tax payment and evasion

Unfortunately many of the users of data mining are extremely prejudiced and think that the data generated will be 100% accurate, when there is a very great possibility of making a mistake. Data mining is only a branch of computer science and has limited accuracy because :
Programming errors
Incompetent subject matter experts who have limited information
No allowances for new technologies, payment methods
No provision for unconventional lifestyle, single men or women are usually unfairly targetted
No provision for manual verification or asking the person adversely affected to defend himself or herself
Rules are not clearly or properly defined
Casteism, prejudices affect the rules used as most of the programmers in India are brahmins (upto 75%) and they are making rules that will suit themselves and their relatives, protect their own interests, and are unfair to other castes
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Unfortunately the incompetent Indian intelligence and security agency officials blindly believe that the result of data mining is a fact , when only the data is the fact, and data mining can only yield the anamolies or general trends and accuracy depends on the expertise of the subject matter expert, programmer, and consideration of exceptions. Any person who has written a software program, knows that the programmer should ideally consider all possible conditions that a person is innocent, before labelling a person as guilty, yet the indian government blindly believes that the data mining of an incompetent programmer is 100% correct.

. When it is used by security or intelligence agencies to label a person as a security threat or tax evader, steal the retirement savings without a court order, torture the person endlessly for more than 6 years, there should be better screening and verification of the data mining result. This domain investor is a victim of one of the greatest data mining errors in history, which has effectively destroyed her life, while incompetent and dishonest officials who committed the mistake, are roaming unpunished, their salaries and pension unaffected.

Due to the data mining error of NTRO , incompetent indian intelligence and security agencies the harmless single woman engineer, is ruthlessly and criminally tortured with microwave weapons by the cruel criminal SEX ANIMAL INDIAN INTELLIGENCE, SECURITY AGENCY OFFICIALS, posted in panaji, goa allegedly bribed by tata, google. The latest criminal attack of the cruel sex animal indian government employees in panaji, goa on a victim of data mining errors took place on 10 Sepetember 2016, at around 10 pm causing a headache yet no action is taken against the cowardly cruel MENTALLY UNSOUND criminal indian government employee involved in the assault in panaji, goa on a harmless woman in her home, because he was bribed by google, tata to do so. Allegedly google, tata sponsored goan SEX WORKER, CHEATER HOUSEWIFE and other fraud R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees impersonating the engineer and their associates were involved in the criminal attack

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